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AeroCool V12XT Fan Controller

Posted June 10, 2010 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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With all the new components that are always coming to market, it is really like a game of cat and mouse. GPU manufactures make better and bigger cards that produce obnoxious amounts of heat, CPU manufacturers are no different with their extreme chip’s that have the higher TDP’s. Now enters the cooling aspect, water pumps, TEC’s, heat sinks, fans everything that requires power to run generates some type of heat whether it is in large amounts or minimal the heat is still there.

The question is how do we control it? Can it be controlled in an efficient enough manner?  As like everything there is always that ever ongoing balancing act between running silent and keeping cool. Just because you have multiple fans capable of running at 3000rpm doesn’t mean that we want to hear them going off 24/7 like a helicopter overhead.

So how do we control it? Do we use the old fashioned rheostats and dial the fans speed down to where we think it should be and hope it is the best of both worlds. Fortunately for us there are companies out there try to bring us the technology to help us in these endeavours. One of these such companies is Areocool ; bursting on to the scene in 2001 Areocool still considered just a youngster in this cat and mouse game, but they bring some great technology to the table that may just help us out with the balancing act between silence and keeping cool.

The V12XT is AeroCool’s latest and greatest in touch-sensitive fan contoller technology, so let’s take a closer look.

Thanks to AeroCool for supplying the review sample.

AeroCool.US was established in 2002 in the US and is committed to share our technical expertise and innovative design in providing total-solution for thermal management. Although AeroCool.US is a new player in the cooler market, we offer the latest cooling technology and solution for industrial and personal computers. Our strengths lie in our RD abilities, advance manufacturing facilities, strong cooperative partners and high performance and unique products.



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