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AeroCool Hi-Tech7 Pro

Posted December 11, 2008 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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Specifications & Exterior

Below are the features and specifications for the Hi-Tech7:

  • Model: Hi-Tech7 Pro
  • Case Type:  Mid Tower
  • Color:  Black
  • Material: 0.6mm Steel, Plastic
  • External drive bay:  5 – 5.25"
  • 3.5" external drive bay: 1
  • 3.5" internal drive bay:3
  • Expansion slots: 7
  • Motherboard:  ATX / Micro-ATX
  • Cooling:  1 – 400mm side intake fan
  • I/O Ports: USB 2.0 x 2 / e-SATA / HD+AC97 Audio

The accessories package includes a full complement of screws and rails, as well as AeroCool product information; a satisfactory package here.
The instruction manual is clear, in colour and many languages.

Let’s take a closer look at the exterior now.

Look on the outside, and you’ll see a case designed for gaming and enthusiasts, with a monster of a 1.3ft side panel fan, yes, you saw correctly, that is 1.3 feet, or 400 millimetres! The front panel follows an “Antec 900” style, with 7 locations to place your optical drives and hard drives. The LED screen on the front is approximately the size of 2 3 ½” drive bays, giving you up to the second temperature readings on your computer. The top of the case comes complete with 2 USB 2.0 ports, microphone, headphones and eSATA.

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AeroCool Hi-Tech7 Pro
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AeroCool Hi-Tech7 Pro

For cooling, there are no front or rear fans included, however, fans can be easily installed into the provided fan slots, and Aero Cool have provided 4 rubber grommets for an optional rear fan to be installed. On the side, a silent 400mm fan moving 250cfm into the case provides unprecedented amounts of ventilation to every component inside of the case. 
A fan this size has never been implemented before on a computer chassis, and it provides excellent ventilation to all components of the computer, and it is extremely quiet, so it is perfect for the silent builds.

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AeroCool Hi-Tech7 Pro
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AeroCool Hi-Tech7 Pro

There are no ventilation holes on the top or right side of the case, however, with the large 400mm fan, top and right side ventilation is completely unneeded.  

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AeroCool Hi-Tech7 Pro
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AeroCool Hi-Tech7 Pro

Aero Cool has provided you with a temperature information display, which will give you up to the second updates. It will also allow you to control the fan speeds, eliminating the need to block your optical drive bays with fan controllers. It is located at the center of the front bezel and easy to read from extreme viewing angles. The temperature of your components is recorded via temperature probes which are included with the case. The display is really quite a flashy feature and if you happen to bring this case to a LAN party, I’m sure you’ll get quite a bit of attention between the massive fan and the unique readout display, it certainly is prominent and an attention-getter.

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AeroCool Hi-Tech7 Pro

Let’s move to the interior now.

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