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ADATA DashDrive Air AE400

Posted January 17, 2014 by Joe Kershner in Peripherals







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Price at time of Review: $49.99 on amazon.com


Excellent Charging Capacity, Amazing Read/Write Speeds, Ready to Go in 5 Seconds, Interface is very Friendly, Size is great for portability


Wasn't able to fully charge tablets
The DashDrive Air AE400 turns into the perfect temporary storage device for movies, music, and pictures that I don't want to keep on my phone, but still want to have close at hand. It takes all of five seconds to be up and running, so it is ready at a moments notice.
by Joe Kershner
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Ever wish you had a bigger storage device for your tablet or mobile devices? How about sharing media files between a computer and your iPhone without connecting cables? Maybe you wish you bought the Apple device with more storage capabilities. ADATA has the solution. Introducing the ADATA DashDrive Air AE400. With its unique and limitless abilities, it delivers a number of unique functions” it can act as a Wireless Access Point or a USB drive and card reader. That’s not the only thing, it’s also capable of charging devices on the go with its 5000mAh battery pack. Is it really possible to fit all these features inside a device small enough to fit inside your pocket? Read on to find out!

Before we get started, lets read more about ADATA.

Founded in May 2001, ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing top-notch memory solutions that enrich the customer’s digital life. The company’s dedication to integrity and professionalism has made ADATA the leading memory brand with the most award-winning product designs.

Backed by technical expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and premium customer service, ADATA offers complete memory solutions including DRAM modules, USB flash drives, memory cards, solid state drives and portable hard drives.

ADATA understands that professionalism and innovation, as well as the value of its products and services, drive a company’s competitiveness in the market. ADATA’s devotion to quality requires performing at the highest standards as they relate to ID design, purchasing and supply-chain management (raw materials), manufacturing processes, quality control and testing. Through constant innovation and development of products that exceed customer expectations, ADATA has won many of the most recognized international awards including the National Silver Award of Excellence in Taiwan, Japan’s G-MARK (Good Design Award), CES Innovations Award in the U.S., the iF Design award, and the red dot design award in Germany.



    Robert Talmadge

    I see these devices trending lately, but the idea is not new. A year ago, Seagate and Western Digital also came out with WIFI storage, but at as much as 1 terabyte. The cost per Byte goes lower than these new ones which offer SD card speeds and capacities.
    I think that there is some room for innovation here as low memory amounts like these will be short lived, as the new technology memory arrives 3Q 2014.

      Sandy Bruce

      You are correct. Adata was not first with portable storage. They just improved upon them but making it a smaller and lighter device. adding the ability to charge your phone. Using SD cards ensures you can insert that memory card into almost everything including your phone, PC, Laptop and even a camera. Not so easy to do with the ones from WD. Which memory? DDr4? That has nothing to do with these. That is from system memory. PC, laptop, tablet ect.


    Two questions:

    How does this device compare with the Kingston Mobilelite Wireless? and,

    Can it transfer files between an SD card and USB flash drive?



      Joe Kershner

      Unfortunately, I can’t say how it stands up in comparison to the Kingston Mobilelite device as I haven’t played with it to give an honest and true opinion. As far as transferring files. I thought I covered this in the review but apologize if I had missed it, it’s capable of transferring files from any device that’s connected. On the device, while inside the appropriate category, whether its photos, movies, etc. there’s an upload icon on the top right of the menu that allows you to upload from your device.


        Sorry Joe, I have a feeling I might be misunderstanding here, just to make sure; what I would want to do is – if I put an SD card in the SD slot on the DashDrive, and a USB thumb drive in the USB slot on the DashDrive, can I transfer data between them directly (as opposed to wirelessly if one is in another device)?

        Sorry if I appear a bit thick.

          Joe Kershner

          Unfortunately, ADATA only allows 1 media type (USB drive or SD card) to be used at the same time. Which ever device is plugged in first is the media that will be available. So, if you have an SD card connected, then later connect a USB drive, the SD card is only recognized as being connected.


    Nice review. You mention video performance but not how you tested.
    One of the disadvantages of this device is that the coupled software uses a proprietary player. I have an SD card full of AVI’s and only 1 MP4 files and this is the only file I can play on my iPAD or iPhone. It would have been nice if it would show all files and give the option to open them with your preferred player like VLC on iPAD.

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