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Wooting Partners with Seasonic, Shows Analog Keyboard at CES 2019

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Posted January 18, 2019 by Josh Jackson in News

An Interesting Partnership

Innovation can be met with harsh resistance. You can just ask me about the responses I’ve gotten when I’ve reviewed the RBT. While Wooting seems to have a favorable public view of their analog keyboard, getting to market can be another challenge entirely. That’s why news that Seasonic is partnering with them is not only good, but very interesting.

Seasonic is well known for being one of, if not the best PSU manufacturer in the business. The company prides itself on providing excellent quality in every unit. If you doubt their capability, simply check out reviews on JonnyGURU. I not only think he’s the best PSU reviewer out there, but he seems to always give Seasonic high marks. And in case you were wondering, I do not have any relation or connection to the guy. I just like his reviews. If Seasonic is partnering with Wooting, they must really believe in the quality and function of the keyboard.


Wooting Displayed at CES 2019

Of course, I believe in the quality and function of the product as well. While I was checking out Alphacool and ModMyMods, I got the chance to meet with Wooting as well. I love analog control for WASD. Even if certain games don’t support it yet, I really hope the concept continues to catch on. The keyboard appeared to have an incredible quality to me, and the software is very polished.

Two things about the software really intrigued me. For starters, Wooting has a way to build a multi-stroke macro into one key. This is because of the analog nature. The macro can do a different function based on the first actuation, the bottom of the keystroke, the first lift off from the bottom, and the final reset of the keystroke. If you have highly trained finger sensitivity, you can even use those motions to hold a macro in place, repeat certain motions, and make the succession of events happen at your own timing on the fly. This feature is still in Beta, but I feel like it will be the most useful type of macro function for elite competitive players.

They also had a feature called Tachyon. This seems to only work in digital mode (no analog control of keys), but it ensures the keyboard controlling chip polls at a full 1000Hz, the same as the USB port. This means that there is only around a 3ms delay from when you press a key, to when it registers in gaming. Pretty cool stuff, and you can see more details in my video above.

That’s all for Wooting. For more details, check out their site below and don’t forget to come back for more CES 2019 coverage at Pure Overclock!


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