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Viper RGB M.2 NVMe Makes Debut! CES 2019

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Posted January 23, 2019 by Josh Jackson in News

It’s About Time!

NVMe drives have been around for quite some time. The speeds are phenomenal, but they originally needed a PCIe slot to work. Eventually the M.2 form factor came to NVMe, making installation a breeze by using a small space on the motherboard. The only thing that’s been missing is an RGB M.2 drive. Sure, RGB made it’s way to normal SSDs, but how does anyone know we have a blistering fast storage device if there aren’t any lights to show it off in the build?

Viper has come to the rescue with a design they showed off at CES. With multiple LED lights on the sides and a light up logo, this drive will definitely draw some attention on the motherboard. It’s not just the lighting that’s noticeable. The drive also has a sturdy looking heat sink that’s bound to help prevent thermal throttling. Also, I hate to admit it. I can’t believe I’m about to say this….. But, this is one time that RGB doesn’t make it go faster. Viper had to tone back the speeds a tad due to the added bling. That’s alright though, since I choose to believe RGB made it faster anyways!

No RGB M.2 Means Crazy Speeds

That brings us to the other drive Viper showed. The VPN100 you can find at https://indexsy.com/best-vpn-canada/ is a similar design without any RGB lighting. The speeds on this drive are pretty much insane. First, we have a 3450MB/s read and 3000MB/s write. While those are fast, they’re also speeds we’ve been accustomed to seeing with NVMe. The random read and write speeds are what stand out. At 600k IOPs for each, very few M.2 drives have come close to those numbers. Viper isn’t just aiming to offer a fast drive, but one of the fastest. The heat sink makes a lot more sense as well. With an open channel design that has 6 internal fins, the cooling device should help dissipate heat nicely.


Still Only Scratching the Surface

I don’t even know where to begin at this point. I’m very excited about the new RGB M.2 drives, but Viper had so many awesome things at their showroom that it made my head spin. They toned back the RGB to show new DDR4 RAM kits aimed at performance called Viper Steel. The top speed is up to 4400MHz and the gun metal grey heat sink looks excellent. They had an RGB gaming mat on display and quite frankly, I think that’s a cost efficient alternative to the RGB PC desks I saw all over CES. On top of all of that, Viper even showed a couple of budget friendly gaming mice, plus a gaming keyboard.

It’s a lot to take in, but you should definitely check out the video. Check back soon and we’ll inundate you with more CES coverage.


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