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Thermaltake WaterRam Brings Water Cooling to DDR4, CES 2019

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Posted January 21, 2019 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

Performance or Looks?

WaterRam screams overclocking. If you heard the news of water cooling coming to DDR4 memory, then you no doubt thought crazy performance was incoming. On a cooling level, the design seems to do a great job. Thermaltake claims that the kit can lower temps by 37% when compared to conventional heat spreader designs. Needless to say, this would give enthusiasts overhead to push frequencies and voltage. The surprise is that the kit is only 3200MHz. However, the real question is whether it’s worth it or not.

Of course it is! Not everything has to be about raw performance. Thermaltake has no doubt looked at the RAM kits sticking out from a full custom water loop and thought, “Something doesn’t look right!” Even though RAM doesn’t need a ton of cooling, it feels like adding a water block to the kit adds a nice completion to the water loop. Even if a user doesn’t plan to overclock, a full water cooling aesthetic is bound to turn heads. By choosing a modest 3200MHz speed rating, it also keeps the cost of the kit more affordable.


Does WaterRam have the Perfect Motherboard?

That’s another good question and the answer is yes! Gigabyte released the Z390 Aorus Xtreme Waterforce. Rather than have a conventional CPU and VRM water block, the monoblock on this board extends all the way to the southbridge processor as well. If a builder has water blocks on a couple of graphics cards, the only part that would look off would be the RAM. Now though, Thermaltake has the perfect partner for the Waterforce. I’m pretty terrible at photoshop, but I did my best to give you an idea of what it would look like.


More from Thermaltake at CES

Of course, Thermaltake didn’t stop at WaterRam. For starters, there was an amazing redesign on their RGB PSUs. On top of that, the company released a few new cases. If that wasn’t enough, the showroom was chock full of awesome looking custom builds. Top if off with the RGB desk and you have a really fun time. Check out the video for all those details and we’ll continue catching up our CES coverage at the site. Check back soon!

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