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Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor Revealed at CES 2019

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Posted January 17, 2019 by Josh Jackson in News

Two Amazing Features for the Raptor

Razer really went all out with their gigarefurb gaming monitor. Even though they could have sold the product on branding alone, they decided to put some features that are excellent choices for any panel. The first one is the clean cable extensions routed nicely in the stand. Not only does this make the cable clutter look great, but makes plugging cables in that much easier too. Of course, the Raptor doesn’t actually need extensions to make connections easier.

The panel can swivel a full 90 degrees backward to give you easy access to the ports on the back. I don’t know if it’s been done before, but it’s certainly ingenious. Once the panel is swiveled back to normal position, the base completely hides the cables in the back. The Raptor also has USB pass through so you can avoid stringing cables across your desk from the keyboard and mouse. Top it all off with some RGB lighting and you have a fun looking gaming monitor on your hands that has great specs as well.


Razer Turret for Xbox One is Great for Couches

I’ve tried using a wireless mouse on a hard mouse pad on my couch. It doesn’t work. I mean, I can do fine when I’m clicking play on a show, but I can’t make it comfortable for gaming. The Razer Turret felt like an amazing change of pace. In order to make the combo more comfortable for couch use, Razer magnetized the pad so the mouse will stay in place. It’s not strong enough to hold if you turn the keyboard sideways or upside down. That’s good since it allows the mouse to move effortlessly. However, tilting the unit won’t cause you to loose your mouse. It ended up making my experience playing on my lap much more enjoyable, something I didn’t expect from a simple magnetic zone.


Razer Tomahawk Elite for Custom Water Cooling

One of the final hardware announcements that relates to PC building was the Tomahawk. There are two versions, with the regular one having a bit more RGB. However, the Elite version sticks with a very clean, professional look. Razer isn’t adding any fans or RGB lighting. The case is geared to custom liquid cooling loops, and the hydraulic lifts on the panels are cool. That said, I do wonder if the panels are practical in the sense that they only look cool when the case is open. Also, will it be easy to build in if the case can’t be laid on it’s side? Even if the panels can be removed, it hurts the practical purposes of hydraulics.

Those are some of the bigger highlights, but check out my video above if you want to see a bit more from Razer’s show. I got an impressive light show from Razer Chroma, as well as an immersive gaming experience in Doom through vibration feedback. I say that, I mean that even the chair and wrist rest had vibration in it. Check back for more coverage from CES 2019 and we’ll catch ya’ later.


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