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ModMyMods for help with Custom PC Building, CES 2019

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Posted January 18, 2019 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

You Can Learn to Do it Too!

Learning to build a custom PC can be daunting to newcomers. Taking it to the level of modding components can feel overwhelming. That’s where ModMyMods comes into the picture. Actually, I stumbled across their website when I was trying to find CES information on Alphacool. As it turns out, they were sharing a showroom. Not only does ModMyMods sell parts for custom water cooling loops, but they also work directly with Alphacool products. However, they wanted to show off more than just the products they sell.

ModMyMods had an Antec Torque on display with a build inside. If you’ve seen the Torque, you know what was in the showroom doesn’t look quite the same. In order to build a custom PC look, you have to make some changes to the components. While talking to the company, I found out that they didn’t do anything to the case a normal builder couldn’t do. They used simple materials like different levels of hand sand paper and WD-40. There was only one place where holes had to be drilled through the case material. All around, modding this build was a process that I felt like many people could do on their own.

Need Help with your Custom PC?

If you want to dive into modding, you might hesitate if you don’t know where to start. That’s where ModMyMods wants to help. Not only can they sell you the components you need, they can also give you advice on what you need for your custom PC. They have a lot of customers who simply want to find the right liquid block for their graphics card. The team at ModMyMods helps builders make sure they not only get what they need, but also the right compatibility as well. Check out their website at the link below, and you can check out my video for more details from the show.

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