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EVGA Nu Audio is my Best Audio Experience Ever, CES 2019

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Posted January 18, 2019 by Josh Jackson in Graphics

When Sound isn’t Enough

Loud will never impress me if it isn’t quality too. Apparently, EVGA has the same philosophy. Even though graphics cards are what we’ve come to expect, the company surprised us all with the Nu Audio card announcement at CES. As expected, the card excelled in quality. A large part of the reason behind this is the partnership with Audio Note.

If we look at the playback format, we see a sampling rate of up to 384KHz and 32bit over stereo. Those are some incredibly high numbers. However, audio requires a lot of tiny pieces that all come together to properly produce an analog signal. Eventually, the information has to go back to analog. That’s where Audio Note really comes into play. Microchips and capacitors might be easy enough to find when you need quality, but the resistors that help produce high level audio are another story.

Nu Audio, Aged Like a Fine Wine

One of the very interesting tidbits I found out while at EVGA’s showroom was how the resistors were made. I didn’t get to see a good image of this, but Audio Note has a machine that’s decades old for producing resistors. As it turns out, the pieces produced from the machine give a unique quality to audio devices that use those specific resistors. Audio Note uses the equipment already to make high end amplifiers. A sound card isn’t much of a stretch.

Now I couldn’t verify how much truth is behind a decades old machine making great audio parts. However, I can say that what I heard in that showroom blew my mind! I always want to hear great sound, yet deciding on something that will be satisfying is risky. That said, I’ve never heard audio equipment so perfectly balance a full spectrum of audio. From gaming, to music, to cinematic, everything sounded exactly the way I wanted it to. This is an audio card that doesn’t feel like a risk to invest in.


Huge Perks from EVGA

EVGA is so confident you’ll love the Nu Audio card, that they’re ready to back it up. For starters, EVGA Elite members will get a $50 discount from $250. That’s a pretty sweet deal, but they didn’t stop there. If you don’t think your Nu Audio card made any difference in audio quality, they will give you 100 EVGA bucks for having to return the card. Perhaps that’s a bit too much confidence, but even I don’t think it is. I expect that even lower quality headsets and speakers will benefit a lot from this card.

I know I went on about the NU Audio card a lot, but EVGA also had an RTX 2080 Ti K|NGP|N at the showroom. The card was stunning and you should check out my video coverage to get the details there. Once again, we are just getting started on catching up our CES 2019 coverage. Keep checking back soon.


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