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Enermax Saberay ADV Case and More from CES 2019

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Posted January 22, 2019 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

Saberay ADV and White

Enermax came to CES 2019 with the objective to impress. When it came to new releases, I don’t think anyone really topped what I saw in their showroom. I’d give AMD a tie due to the surprise factor of Radeon VII, but Enermax has the edge in volume. As it turns out, the Saberay is still my favorite case, and the ADV improvements make me want it even more.

The Saberay already had a nice, spacious design with good airflow. The ADV takes that design and adds some great aesthetic flairs to it. For starters, we have the update to the fans with the square RGB ring. It’s unique in a world full of normal circle fans. Also, the case is fully decked out in addressable RGB, leaving a plethora of lighting options open to the builder. The side panel is tempered glass again, but the latching mechanism is a bit different. The handle on top is fixed so that you push the whole spring-loaded panel down. That frees the catch to allow you to remove it.

The White version changes the formula a tad. The side panel isn’t as fancy, but size and compatibility are basically the same. One thing both cases can do is swap panels in the front and top. The acrylic is shipped in the front for looks, but the mesh panel in the top can be swapped to the front. Both designs will actually include an extra mesh panel for optimal airflow throughout the entire case. On top of that, they also include a nifty monitor stand as an added bonus.

Enermax Saberay White

Enermax AquaFusion CPU Cooler

I love the Saberay, but I also love Enermax’s CPU coolers. The LIQFusion had a great looking design that I thought would be hard to top. However, the AquaFusion found a way to bring a unique RGB quality to the market again. For starters, we have the square RGB fans we see in the Saberay cases. In order to make the unit look cohesive, they redesigned the pump/block to have a square design as well. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but the rings on the top actually look like little steps going down to the center. It adds a kind of trippy, but very cool lighting effect to the unit. The performance will likely be good as well, but we need to look at the fans to explain why.

Enermax SquA RGB Fans

We’ve been talking about the square RGB light ring for some time. Let’s address the rest of what’s happening with SquA RGB fans. For starters, I don’t know how the pronunciation is supposed to work, but I imagine it’s supposed to be a play on the word “square.” Regardless, the lighting isn’t just on the front side. Enermax left holes on the backside that allows portions of the light ring to shine through. It gave the fan a diamond studded look on the back that looked very nice.

Moreover, the fan is also designed with a vortex frame. That’s a fancy term for a design that helps focus the airflow straight out the fan, instead of dispersing outward from the sides. It makes sense if you look at it. The vortex frame is curved the opposite way of the fan blades. By having an opposite pressure, the airflow is redirected in a straighter flow through a case or radiator. I got to feel that at CES and the concept seemed to work great in my opinion.

Just Scratching the Surface…

I’m happy to report that I’ve only barely touched on what I saw at the Enermax show room. They had a plethora of awesome cases to look at. While the Saberay is one of the higher tier cases, I feel like every unit was priced very well in terms of what was offered. There were styles to fit several preferences as well. Not to mention, Enermax had several CPU cooler updates as well. It took me almost 20 minutes of video to cover almost everything there. (I forgot about the monitor stands.) Check it out and don’t forget to come back soon for more CES coverage.


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