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Azultec Announces Powerful Cloud Rendering Station at CES 2019

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Posted January 15, 2019 by Josh Jackson in Graphics

Completely Liquid Cooled

Heat is an important factor for rendering or mining stations. When you stick 8 graphics cards in a single system, you’re going to generate a lot of heat. Azultec is developing a product that should be huge for rendering, mining, or lovers of high end liquid cooled systems. The Cube 300 has 8x GTX 1070s and a custom water cooling loop made from Alphacool Components. Needless to say, Azultec has found a great way to handle heat on 8 higher end graphics cards in a way custom PC builders like myself can really appreciate.

From Mining to Rendering

The initial goal of Azultec was to design a cryptocurrency mining machine. A year ago, the idea was ingenious. Mining puts a lot of stress on the GPU and handling the heat can be difficult. However, the cryptocurrency market crashed hard and made the popularity of mining machines a thing of the past. The good news is that there is a very practical use for a GPU computing machine

Rendering tasks are becoming more common every day. Whether it’s a company trying to build a new game or studio quality film, or even an individual trying to make a mark in the industry, Azultec has them in mind with the Cube 300. Even though the machine can help complete rendering tasks quickly, the focus on power efficiency helps keep operating costs down. The idea is that a business can use the Cube to help its bottom line if it offers rendering as a paid service.

Focus on the Environment

Getting back to that efficiency part, Azultec is trying to reduce and reuse energy. The GTX 1070 is already a power efficient choice for rendering. However, the system can be tied in with heat storage systems in houses. This allows up to 72% of the consumed energy to be recuperated for other purposes. It may not add up to a ton in the broad scheme of fossil fuels, but it can certainly add some saving to the power bill. While this may not be a big deal to prospective buyers in the US, consumers in Europe are likely to find this very useful.

Easy Set Up

Azultec claims the Cube 300 is “plug and play” ready. This is especially useful for those who want to use it for cloud rendering. Since the operating system is uniquely developed, the customer doesn’t require a specialist to set up the system. It also has an intuitive dashboard to easily monitor system information. The press materials mention that cloud rendering can earn as much as €2000 a month, minus €292 for power expenses. Heat storage isn’t even figured into those numbers.

I really wish I got the chance to see this system live. Unfortunately, customs and shipping woes robbed us of seeing this beauty at CES. Thankfully, Azultec had plenty of press resources readily available. This is just a highlight of what is being offered. More information will be available shortly, and we’ll update this article with links to more detailed information when it’s available to the rest of the public. Expect that around next week. Let us know what you think of the Cube 300 and expect a lot more CES coverage coming to our site this week.

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