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Alphacool Shows Eisbaer, Eisblock, Eisball at CES 2019

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Posted January 16, 2019 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

Eisbaer for High End AIO CPU Cooling

CES 2019 was a great time, but nothing says custom PCs like liquid cooling. We got the chance to see what Alphcool was announcing. For starters, we have the Eisbaer Extreme AIO. The big thing that separates this cooler from the rest is the solid copper radiator. Even if a cooler bypasses aluminum for the rad, a mix of copper and brass is often used to help reduce costs.

However, Alphacool didn’t just stop at the radiator. The Eisbaer also comes with two Silent Wings 3 fans. This is a great move. Rather than try to compete with fan companies while keeping the price down, the Eisbaer opts for the kind of silent performance most enthusiasts would prefer to have to begin with. On top of that, the pump sports a strong 350l/h flow rate. This unit is just waiting for some heavy duty CPU overclocking without being noisy.


Eisblock for Future Expansion

New water blocks tend to do little more than redesign aesthetics and fins. The Eisblock XPX Pro U1 does a little more. For starters, we have a block that can handle Threadripper. Even though that isn’t a huge surprise, the expand-ability of the block is unique. First off, I haven’t seen many blocks that have more than two ports. However, the best part of this unit is the design of the plugs. There’s no end sticking out of the port. Not only does it make the block look cleaner, but it helps save space as well. These plugs are on some of the recent radiator releases as well.


Eisball Steals the Show!

Even though the Eisbaer and Eisblock scream performance, this writer has a weakness for RGB. The Eisball was one of those products that looked amazing. Currently, Alphacool doesn’t have a page dedicated to details on the unit. What I did learn though, was that the sphere has a new form of digital control on the pump. This is to help balance out the pressure better from the pump to further prevent back flow issues. In the end, it should help the unit last longer in comparison to previous pump designs. The sphere reservoir is just there to look awesome!

That was the major highlights from Alphacool at CES. They did have some unique server radiators at the show as well. You can see those in the video above. Don’t forget to check the link below for their site, as well as a link to ModMyMods. These guys are selling Alphacool products in the US and can even help guide customers in modding their own custom rigs. Stick around for more upcoming CES 2019 coverage!



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