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This Affordable 1TB NVMe Drive is from… Eluktronics?

Posted August 15, 2018 by Josh Jackson in News

Who is Eluktronics?

You would be forgiven if you asked who Eluktronics is. To be fair, I was actually looking for a completely different NVMe drive when I stumbled across them. On the other hand, I’m glad I did. The company looks like it became an official business in 2011. All considering, that’s incredible young even for a tech biz. The large portion of their products seems to come from laptops. If you’ve ever wanted a BYO option for a gaming laptop, this is the company to check out. I might address that more later, but let’s get back to the NVMe drive.

Eluktro Pro-X G2

Some NVMe drives barely push the limits of typical SATA ones. The Eluktro Pro-X G2 has some serious performance chops though. Sequential Read/Write speeds are 2700/1800 MB/s respectively. That’s impressive, but the random Read/Write speeds clock in at 335,000 and 277,000 IOPS. If you feel a bit of déjà vu, you might notice nearly identical specs on the Samsung SM951. Eluktronics openly stated that the Pro-X G2 is a rebrand of the previous drive. As a result, the SSD carries a 5 year US based warranty.

$250 for 1 TB

The real kicker is the price. A sale on Amazon and Newegg puts the Pro-X G2 at $250. For a full terabyte of SSD awesome, that’s hard to beat. The Intel 660p is making some waves, but Eluktronics deserves some consideration as well. This is one of the best prices you can find for a 1TB NVMe drive. Factor in the high levels of rated performance and this is a deal that requires some attention. If you aren’t the market for an NVMe drive, the gaming laptops are also worth checking out. Follow the links below for more information and we’ll catch ya’ later!

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