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NZXT HUE 2 Strives for RGB Perfection

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Posted August 23, 2018 by Josh Jackson in News

RGB Elegance

Crazy amounts of colorful lighting can look impressive. It also tends to lend itself to a gaudy appearance. A large reason for this is the lack of precise control of the lighting schemes. NZXT is tackling this problem head on with their latest addition of HUE 2 accessories. The goal is to allow a builder to have a plethora of lighting, while being able to expertly synchronize color schemes as well.

HUE 2 Ambient

I knew I saw this video somewhere, and it turned out that it was posted on Twitter. The Ambient lighting controller uses four LED strips that you stick to the back of your gaming monitor. Once installed, the controller can match the hue of the LED strips to the colors closest to the edge of the monitor. While this could seem gimmicky at first glace, the reality is that this lighting effect has a huge practical benefit. No, I’m not about to say it looks awesome. Even if I did, that should be practical enough. However, the matching background colors are very likely to be a huge help with eye strain. Game longer!

Tons of Accessories

NZXT added an arsenal of HUE 2 lighting accessories for ultimate customization. Underglow adds, well, a glow underneath your case. The LED strips and AER RGB fans got an update to work with the new features. The biggest surprise is the addition of RGB cable combs, which I’m sure some will wonder if those are legit or not. Why the updates? Because each device has its own microcontroller for the best in lighting control. While that is a bit subjective since we’re peering at these products from a news perspective, it’s impressive to say the least. Check out the links below for a plethora of information, let us know what you think and we’ll catch ya’ later!



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