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New Enermax LIQTech TR4 II CPU Cooler

Posted August 8, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

Intro to LIQTech TR4 II

With Threadripper Gen 2 on the horizon, CPU cooling is becoming a subject of importance. Enermax introduced the LIQTech TR4 as a solution for the large IHS on the chip. Now, AMD isn’t the only company with a redesign. The LIQTech TR4 II can support 500W+ TDP of cooling, which should help with overclocking as well. The pump has a 450 l/h flow rate, a huge amount for a CLC unit. All around, the features are great for Threadripper, but I theorize that these same features could improve cooling performance for all CLCs.

Overclocking Cooling Performance

CPU liquid cooling is pretty straightforward. Generated heat is transferring from the chip to the air. The block, liquid, pump, radiator, and fans all have a critical part in that process. Heat transfers best through metal. That’s why most, if not all, CLCs use a copper water block. The LIQTech II has a much larger block, meaning more metal for heat to quickly travel through. Combine that with more surface area for the water to contact, and that alone should offer more cooling performance. Similarly, the high flow rate allows more liquid to contact the heat being transferred. In short, these two feature alone can help explain a 500W+ TDP. The LIQTech II should be able to handle some reasonable overclocking as well.

LIQTech II for All CPUs

What if Enermax designed this unit for all sockets? Granted, it’s complete overkill for the user who is using stock frequencies. Users however, who want maximum overclocking performance would love this. Many CPU coolers allow overclocking headroom, but are easily pushed to the cooling limits. The LIQTech II is the kind of cooler that could make it easy to overclock to the max of acceptable voltage levels, while still keeping normal usage temps at very comfortable levels. Personally, I would love to have this caliber of cooling on mainstream Ryzen and Intel CPUs as well. If we’re lucky, maybe the LIQTech III will have options to mount on more than just TR4/SP3 sockets.



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