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Lian Li Launches Lancool One Case

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Posted August 17, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

Merging Classic and Modern

Lian Li is one of the elegant case manufacturers. They typically use aluminum construction, but certain designs come with some hefty price tags. The other issue buyers can have with aluminum designs is that they can feel like the case is a bit boring. What’s a company to do? If you’re Lian Li, you make an amazing, innovative design. The Lancool One mixes the best of classic aluminum, and the best of modern beauty.

Lian Li Lancool One

Let’s begin with the aluminum design. For starters, this case has a ton of building room. Lian Li seems to classify Lancool as a mid-tower chassis. However, a builder can fit an E-ATX motherboard in there and the back has 9 PCI slots. The extra space leaves room for extra features on the PSU shroud. On the not so unique side, is the ability to install SSDs on top. However, Lian Li also has panels that can mount two fans on top of the shroud. This could be huge for providing additional airflow to one or multiple graphics cards.

Touches of Elegance

Build space is great, but the case has two amazing, elegant design features. First, we have the splash of RGB lighting on the front. This is just enough to make a modern splash, but doesn’t detract from the professional look of the chassis. The Lancool looks beautiful by not overdoing the lights. The other elegant feature though, is the design of the side panel. Lian Li calls it “Seamless Tempered Glass.” There’s no holes or screws need to hold the panel in.

At this point, you’re probably expecting a hefty price tag. I was expecting at least $150 or above for this case. So let me surprise you by telling you that the case looks like it will cost around $90-$100! If you check out the product page from the link below, you’ll realize I only scratched the surface on the features. What Lian Li has done with the Lancool One looks phenomenal, and I imagine the build experience would be great as well.


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