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NZXT Launches E Series PSU

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Posted July 19, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

NZXT Launches E Series

Remember when NZXT was just a case and cooler company? Pepperidge Farm remembers. The company has upped their game in some incredible ways. First they introduced a motherboard, and now they have PSUs. Okay, they’ve had PSUs, but these ones are special. The E Series gives builders a choice between a 500W, 650W and 850W model. All three are rated with an 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, which quite frankly is more than enough for normal use. You might think NZXT is just jumping on a bandwagon, but that’s seriously not the case here.

Spot-On Features

There are three HUGE things that NZXT is doing exactly right with this release. First, they partnered with Seasonic, an OEM that might be producing the best PSUs on the market right now. Second, the modular cables are perfect! Ribbon cables look nice with the all-black wires, but the flat design can be unruly to manage. Black wires with black sleeving is the best of both worlds when it come to looks and routing. Finally, NZXT did their homework and chose to put three separate 12V rails into the unit. For the full explanation, see JonnyGuru’s explanation here, but multiple rails provide more safety for your entire system in case something goes wrong. These three things alone tell me that NZXT is completely serious about delivering a top-tier PSU for your system.

Real-Time Monitoring

What sets the E Series apart is the inclusion of a DSP (digital signal processor). In conjunction with CAM software, a user can monitor the real time wattage of various components while the system is in use. Granted, this may have limited application for normal use, but I can see this being a huge boon to reviewers who want to test power consumption, but don’t have the funds to buy expensive equipment. The price range is starting at $125-$150. This is a pretty average price point for PSUs in general, but the addition of the DSP actually makes this a really solid value. Check out the link below for more info and we’ll catch ya’ later!


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