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Gigabyte Launches Aorus B450 Motherboard

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Posted July 31, 2018 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards

Less than Stellar Releases

When AMD first announced the chipsets for Ryzen, the B350 should have caught most everyone’s eye. It would still handle the premium features of other boards with overclocking and connection options. However, less PCIe lanes meant that it would only have what the majority of builders needed. A buyer could save some money, but still have excellent performance. That said, B350 boards axed too many high end features to make them worth it in comparison to X370. The B450 chipset was looking to have similar problems with most manufacturers, but Aorus stood out from the crowd.

Aorus B450 Pro WiFi

If you want overclocking for daily use, you want a decent number of VRMs. The Pro WiFi delivers the perfect amount. The 8+3 design gives plenty of voltage for the CPU, without overkill amounts that LN2 overclockers need. That’s not all though. I’m a stickler for quality audio on my motherboards. The Pro WiFi has the Realtek ALC1220-VB codec, which improves further on the original ALC1220. We still have dual NVMe slots and an I/O cover. Topping all that off, we still have a decent splash of RGB lighting and headers. Considering what most mainstream gamers need, this board is a perfect fit.


Save Money for the Graphics Card

Here’s the deal. The Pro WiFi is showing up for $119.99 on both Amazon and Newegg. This is about $10 cheaper than other B450 flagships from other brands. Personally, I prefer this board for two reasons. I noticed lecss VRMs on some boards, or slightly older audio codecs on others. Aorus could have opted for faster WiFi, but you’d probably need a 200 Mbps+ internet speed for that to be an issue. Overall, the Aorus B450 Pro WiFi is probably the best Ryzen based motherboard for gamers looking for cost-friendly performance. Check out the link below for more information.

Aorus B450 Pro WiFi

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