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Gigabyte Designed Aorus Branded PSUs in House

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Posted July 25, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

P850W for mGPU

Gigabyte is moving it’s Aorus branding to PSUs now. The P850W is being touted as a mGPU level unit that can handle 4k ready systems. If you’re running to 1070s or 1080s, or even a couple of RX 5xx series cards, then 850W is plenty. Two 1080 Tis would probably benefit from having a 1000W and when you start looking at two Vega GPUs, 1200W isn’t a bad idea. This makes the new units a solid release from Aorus, but we need something a little more interesting to get excited here.

Complete In-House Design

Most companies that introduce a new PSU to the market use an OEM for the power delivery design. For instance, NZXT recently released units that are using Seasonic for the base design. NZXT has added their own features, but the PSU itself is from another company. Gigabyte actually used their own engineers to design their Aorus units from the ground up. They’ll still use MEIC to manufacture the unit, but MEIC is only taking the design and using their factories to produce the unit. Gigabyte themselves designed a new PSU for the gaming market.

Other Features

For starters, Aorus has a full modular design on the unit which is great. That said, it looks like they’re going the flat ribbon cable route. Those look a little nicer, but can be a bit unruly to manage. Another point of contention is the included cable capacitors. The concept is that they can help improve the ripple going to the load. That said, there are opinions that cable capacitors are mostly useless. The one thing Aorus gets right is putting the right next to the connector. Basically, the farther from the load the capacitor gets, the less effective it is. It seems like Gigabyte put them as close to the load as possible. After that, we have some normal features like a 0dB fan mode, Japanese capacitors, and a ton of protections. Check out the link below for the rest of the details and we’ll catch ya’ later.



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