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Team Group Has Proper RGB SSD Advertising Upon Release

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Posted May 8, 2018 by Josh Jackson in News

One of my pet peeves with advertising is when a product looks like it has addressable RGB lighting effects, but turns out to be simple RGB. Team Group does not make that mistake! Their Magnificent version shows a rainbow of color for the product pictures, but the simple SSD only has one color at a time. Oh! The T-Force branding just released their Delta RGB SSDs, and the performance looks pretty solid as well.What’s really impressive is the plethora of options Team Group is giving builders here. Not only can you choose between white or black SSD casing, but you can also choose between simple or addressable LED lighting. The simple version uses a 12v, 4-pin motherboard header, while the addressable uses the 5v, 3-pin one. The performance looks like it will be pretty decent in the SATA realm. With 560/500 MB/s Sequential Read/Write and 90K/80K IOPS Radom Read/Write speeds, it’s likely this drive will feel as fast as similar ones in practical use. The 1 TB options are a bit faster.

Those who’ve been waiting for the RGB fad to make it to solid state are no doubt pretty happy. Those who feel like the RGB craze has gone way too far are probably groaning inside. On the plus side, we keep seeing options come up that allow most builders to express their unique tastes in their builds. No word yet on the price tag, but it might be safe to assume that all those fancy lights are going to cost a little something extra. Check out the links below for more info!



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