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Patriot Viper RGB RAM Has Glowing Eyes

Posted May 9, 2018 by Josh Jackson in News

I could tell you about the 3000 MHz speed, or the 15-17-17-15(?) timings, or the XMP 2.0 profile, but there’s only one thing that really matters here. Glowing Snake Eyes!!! That’s right, the eyes on the Viper logos actually glow on this kit! You have to admit that’s pretty awesome right? I know, there’s been a plethora of new RGB products and it’s hard not to get burned out by yet another RGB release, but I’m personally loving the design choices Patriot is making with their Viper RGB series. The only thing I’m hoping for is a black heat spreader option to be added to the current white one down the road. Check out the slides below for more detailed information and try not to be hypnotized by that colorful, reptilian gaze.


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