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Thermaltake Launches Pacific CL Series Copper Radiators with Interesting Features

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Posted April 4, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

Maybe most people look at a radiator and think it’s just a radiator, but we’re overclockers and tiny details matter to us. Thermaltake just launched a new series of radiators and if you don’t look into the finer details, you might miss an important feature that looks like a great step up in quality. The Pacific CL series has a lot of improvements that sound like the normal evolution we would expect from a rad, but it’s the soldering method that caught my attention.

Here’s some details that should be completely expected. We have options for 360mm, 420mm and 480mm lengths. We have high-density copper fins. The flow direction has been optimized for uniform heat transfer. Any premium radiator that didn’t advertise these types of features would be failing already. Then we have a couple of unique designs that sound like a solid improvement. The Pacific CL is 64mm thick, which is more than the thickness of an average CLC after combining the total of the rad and the fans. This allows for triple-row tubes to carry liquid through the unit. These are well and good, but it’s the soldering work that I really like seeing on these rads. Thermaltake used a reflow method that essentially leaves a solid channel of metal to melt the fins into. This creates so many points of contact, that even minor cracks that could happen would have little to no effect on the heat transfer. Spot soldered fins are clearly at a disadvantage here.Thermaltake may have brought us an evolutionary update, but the Pacific CL series seems like an excellent addition to liquid cooling. What I thought was a pleasant surprise was the pricing. Starting at around $100, and moving up to $125, those seem like excellent prices for full copper fins in the rads. Now the only question is how much cooling can be gained by putting one of these bad boys into custom loop! Check out the links below for more info on Thermaltake’s site, as well as a link to their store page.



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