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I Like the FSP CMT520, but Companies Need to Fix Their RGB Advertising

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Posted April 3, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

When RGB lighting first started heating up, it made perfect sense to show rainbows on advertisement to convey the idea that a product could display a wide arrange of colors. Today however, we have two types of RGB lighting. One can convey a wide range of colors, but only one at a time. The other can individually address each separate LED light to be it’s own unique color, simultaneously. Unfortunately, the CMT520 can only show one color at a time, but I still think FSP has a great case on their hands.

The first image of the CMT520 looks like an impressive display of addressable LED color. I wish the lighting could actually do what it shows. On deeper inspection, I noticed it uses the 12v, 4 pin connectors that can only send one color at any given time period. Many of the products that can handle addressable LED lighting use a 5V, 3 pin connector. Still, many people prefer not to have 50 colors blasting them in the face at the same time, and the CMT520 has some really excellent design features to make it worth considering. With 8 PCIe slots and plenty of room above the motherboard to mount radiators and fans, I imagine this case will be even easier to build in than their first CMT series cases. They even have a reflective glass top panel for the PSU cover that will help reflect the graphics cards some, while being easy to remove due to its magnetic mounts.

The best thing I’ve seen about this case is it’s price. At $110, it’s a lot of case for such a small price tag. I imagine that some materials won’t be as high quality as other cases, but I also expect cases with similar building space and cooling to cost upwards of $150. I haven’t put a build in it to verify it’s quality, but I was very impressed at the ease of sliding components into the CMT210 a while back. Check out the link below for more information and I’ll catch ya’ later!


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