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Crucial Ballistix Releases Tactical Tracer RGB RAM, Amazing Looks and Software

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Posted April 17, 2018 by Josh Jackson in News

I don’t want to call out names, but a lot of RGB RAM kits look… How shall I put this? Bad. Don’t get me wrong, the RGB lighting itself looks great on most of them. It’s the shape and design of the actual heat spreaders that can look hokey or down right clunky. In my opinion, the design on the metal parts is just as important as the design of the lighting sections. Ballistix just released their Tactical Tracer RGB memory kits and while the heat spreader looks great, the lighting control is quite impressive as well.The Tactical Tracer heat spreader is a simple, rugged aesthetic that I am very happy with. The problem with outlandish designs or lots of painted colors is that it can make a RAM kit look like a plastic toy, instead of a quality piece of computer hardware. Ballistix does a great job of showing that they mean business with their kits, before you even turn the lights on. However, the RGB design is supposed to bring memory kits up to a new level as well. At first glance, it’s easy to mistake the RGB lighting as standard, addressable RGB lighting. The key variations are for starters, 16 LED lights per stick with 8 addressable zones. This is supposed to help with more vibrant colors, and of course more control. Next is the M.O.D. (Memory Overview Display) utility, which gives complete control of individual memory sticks and each individual lighting zone. If that wasn’t enough, Ballistix also gives the user the choice to remove the light bars by simply sliding them out, allowing the LEDs to shine unobstructed.This is just a small snippet of the features that Ballistix is bringing with their latest memory kits. One thing is for certain; the company went all out to bring the best they could possibly offer with their Tactical Tracer RGB. It even has options to 3D print custom light bars that you can slide in to your own kits. This is a great evolution to to RGB RAM and while I’m certain these kits are going to be great, the final verdicts will likely come when the reviews are out. Also, it would be nice to see actual memory performance and see how much overclocking headroom the kits have. Regardless, I’m excited to see these in the market! Check out the links below for more pictures and information regarding the Tactical Tracer kits.





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