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AMD Ryzen 2000 Series Ruins Overclocking, then Revolutionizes it!

Posted April 23, 2018 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards

The release of Ryzen 2nd Gen was an emotional day for me. At first I was excited to see a host of positive reviews, but the 2700X had all the earmarks of ruining overclocking for the future. On one hand, it’s nice to see consumers get what they pay for, but part of the joy of being risky with a CPU is the free performance. It only took me a little while to get through that emotional dip though, when I realized that we might have a revolutionary design after all. The 2700 also released from AMD, and it’s cheaper than its big brother. It’s the perfect CPU to overclock, giving the user the trade of saving some money at the expense of having a higher risk. Check out the video below for the full details, as well as the links for review results that help verify the overclocking claims.




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