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AMD Combat Crate Might Cost More Cash

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Posted April 25, 2018 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards

I’m sorry guys, but AMD is letting me down in ways that in all actuality, aren’t really bad, but disheartening to say the least. It was announced today that the Combat Crate hardware bundle is available for purchase. In theory, the combination should save consumers a decent amount of money, and help stave off crypto currency miners from buying the graphics cards since they wouldn’t be interested in the other components. It sounds good, but the math only shows about 7% savings versus buying the individual components.

AMD Combat Crate on Amazon, Free Shipping, not eligible for Prime – $549.00 (Sold by MegaRetailStore)

AMD Combat Crate on Newegg after shipping – $562.08

Individual components on Amazon, Prime shipping – $588.25 – After $40 in rebates – $548.25

Ryzen 1600MSI TomahawkRX580 Armor

Of course that doesn’t include available rebates. There might be a good chance that MSI would honor the same rebates with the Combat Crate as they would with the same parts being purchased individually. If they don’t however, then buying the components separately and turning in the rebates is actually a hair cheaper than buying the Combat Crate. AMD has the right idea, but it looks like they got it rolling too late to give buyers the benefits they needed months ago. If the current prices weren’t enough of a problem, Digitimes just reported that graphics manufacturers expect to see shipments plunge a massive 40% in April. That means prices could drop even further than where they reside right now.

I honestly wanted the AMD Combat Crate to be great news, but I personally feel the savings aren’t nearly enough to justify giving up my preference of varying components. The MSI Tomahawk is a decent looking board, but I’d opt to spend the extra cash for an X370/X470 board. I like to see at least 20% savings when I see the word “Bundle.” Still, the bundle might work out perfect for some of you and if it does, that’s great. Check out the link below for more info and we’ll catch ya’ later.


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