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Silverstone’s Fan Frames are Just Great Ideas and I Love Them

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Posted March 2, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

Sometimes you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of a great performing fan. You may want to go for awesome RGB glory for every fan in your case, but once you start looking at airflow, static pressure and noise levels, you realize that your boring black or beige fans are just too valuable to part with. Personally, I love RGB lighting but I don’t like how disconnected lighting strips seem to be from the rest of my actual working components. That’s why I love what Silverstone is doing with their fan frames and think they’re the perfect option for keeping maximum cooling performance while adding RGB glow to your rig.

The first FG121 and 141 fan frames Silverstone offers have a snowflake pattern that reassembles their logo. The issues that some people might have with them is that they only offer the ability to do one color at a time with the RGB lighting and the snowflake might be a bit too seasonal for year round use. This seems to have prompted Silverstone to release the new FG122 and 142 fan frames with some notable differences. Of course one big change is the lack of the snowflake pattern, opting instead to go with a straight circle. The other big chance is the ability to have singularly addressable LEDs. This allows for more customization of color patterns and looks like it will allow a user to have an option for a spectrum wave/rainbow color cycling effect.

Availability on the newest models of fan frames seems to be a bit limited for the time being, but a quick price check on the previous ones are very reasonable at under $15. Considering how expensive so much of the RGB products on the market are, I find this to be a great value for those who simply want to add lighting to existing fans and might even make for a competitive pricing option to full RGB fan packs. If you want to have great lighting without the worry of sacrificing top airflow performance, I think Silverstone has the best option for you. Check out the links below for more information!







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