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NZXT Finally Makes the Leap to 360mm, Kraken X72 and M22 Introduced

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Posted March 7, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

NZXT has avoided the 360mm AIO for quite some time. In all honesty, I wouldn’t blame them if they never went down that road. Not only do users have to worry about the extra noise a third fan can bring, but the resonance that comes from 360mm CLCs can be annoying to combat, further exasperating the noise issue. Then again, it’s hard to argue that a massive 360mm radiator looks pretty cool in the build. NZXT is upgrading the Kraken series by adding the X72 to their lineup, but they also added a more budget friendly M22 120mm CLC as well.All specifications being the same, the 360mm rad will give about 33% more surface area than the 240mm X52. That sounds great, but when you compare this to the X62 with a 280mm rad, the surface area gain drops to ~10%. With that in mind, if the three 120mm fans have an exponential noise increase in comparison to the two 280mm fans, it might be hard to justify over its predecessor. It’s nice to have the options though because the latest Kraken series is still one of the nicest looking CLCs on the market, even if there’s more competition than there used to be. The $200 price tag is rather steep though, so that’s where the Kraken M22 is coming into play. At $100, I wouldn’t say it’s terribly competitive to other 120mm AIOs on the market, but it’s much less expensive than the other Kraken units. The trade off is lack of software temperature control through CAM. At first I thought this would be a great option for the G12 GPU bracket, but CAM software would give better performance control than motherboard headers will when used for cooling the graphics card.My guess is that the Kraken X72 and M22 are filling niches upon request of NZXT fans for CPU cooling. While some builders put priority on silence, many love the idea of cramming the 360mm rad of the X72 into their case and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m sure other builders enjoy the mirror design on the pump block of the M22, but don’t mind saving some extra dollars at the expense of using the CPU header on the motherboard and only needing CAM software to control the lighting effects. NZXT has an impressive 6 year warranty on the X72, but the 3 year warranty for the M22 is nothing to complain about for a CLC. Check out the links below for more information from NZXT’s site!



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