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Even Corsair Thinks Far Cry 5 is All the Rage!

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Posted March 29, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Gaming

We don’t tend to get overly excited about software control around here. On one hand, it certainly has some advantages to making monitoring and control easier, especially when it can support multiple components. On the other hand, it can be buggy to work with and even cause system stability issues. Corsair recently announced their iCUE software, designed to control all of their components in one interface, but what really caught my attention was the addition of a free copy of Far Cry 5 when you spend $150 on their store.

Free games are almost a requirement with graphics cards anymore. In fact, a large part of the value attributed to the purchase price is how many solid titles a company can bundle with their GPU. What Corsair is offering is somewhat unique. For starters, you wouldn’t have hardly any trouble spending $150 at their site, but that’s a pretty low point of entry for a solid AAA title. Considering most bundles that have similar game quality from graphics manufactures start at around $300, I’m really surprised Corsair is pulling this off. Part of the reason though, is that iCUE supports synchronizing lighting effects on the components to events in Ubisoft games, a result of the recent partnership between the two companies.

Just seeing the information page with numerous lighting patterns that iCUE can support makes me want to get an all Corsair setup for my desk. On the other hand, I still like hardware control as well so I’m a little torn on what would be the best direction to take. Then I look at my wallet and remember I can’t pick any direction any time soon! On the plus side, the value of having a free copy of Far Cry 5 with a $150 purchase is rather excellent. To get the full details on iCUE and the Far Cry 5 deal, check out the links below. I’ll catch ya’ later!



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