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Enermax Launches LIQFusion CPU Cooler, a Rainbow of Cooling

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Posted March 30, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

Unicorns and rainbows got nothing on the Enermax Liqfusion! This CPU cooler is taking RGB lighting to the ultimate level, and I feel like we’re getting to a point where lighting designs don’t have many places to go without getting a bit unreasonable. What Enermax is doing with their CLC is great on an RGB level, but I think the performance is going to be great as well.

Nearly every RGB advertisement will show a colorful rainbow of a product in the pictures. The problem is only certain designs can actually live up to the expectation those images leave in our minds. Unless a product specifically says, “addressable” or “individually addressable” RGB lighting, then a unit is only shining one color of the RGB spectrum at a time. The LIQFusion gives us a rainbow of colors through their addressable RGB controller, but it also has the ability to sync to motherboards that can handle the feature as well. As someone who loves flowing rainbows of color, I find this information incredibly exciting.

Of course colors without performance isn’t a great trade, but I have a feeling we’ll have solid cooling here since I’ve already had hands on testing with a similar design. I’m also a majorly huge fan of the external hose pump! Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to review the Enermax LIQFusion and put some real numbers on that cooling performance, but first impressions are pretty good right now. Check out the gallery and links below for more information and we’ll see you back again soon!

The cooler is expected to be available in early April, 2018.

Enermax LIQFusion CPU Cooler

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