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Deepcool MF 120 Fan – So Smart, So Frameless!

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Posted March 1, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

The sheer ingenuity that Deepcool manages to pull off astounds me. Not only do they have great, unique aesthetic designs, but they find ways to pull off some very interesting features in their products. Take the latest MF 12o that just released. Frameless is an interesting choice, even if it isn’t designed for focused airflow, but Deepcool also made the fan controller look great too!

If frameless does nothing else for the MF 120, it certainly gives it an extremely unique look. When it comes to case fans, airflow variance doesn’t make nearly as much of a difference as it can on radiators or tower coolers. While I imagine the frameless fans will work out pretty well for cases, Deepcool mentions that they have enhanced intake performance and might even give them a bit of an edge. Only testing can say for sure, but frames can cause a bit of turbulence around the fan edge which is why the MF 120 might do a bit more for air volume if installed appropriately. If frameless wasn’t enough to make the fans look smart, the controller has a WiFi feature to allow you to control speed and lighting from your phone. I personally might not use a feature like this on a regular basis, but it’s an innovative option to say the least.

Granted aesthetic taste is mostly subjective, but I absolutely love the look of the Deepcool MF 120. The frameless design is incredibly unique, yet the combination of aluminum construction and RGB lighting makes it a fan I’d love to see in my cases. Click on the thumbnails below for larger views of the images and check out the link below for more information!


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