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Bloody Has Keyboards with Left-Sided Numpads for Gaming and Ergonomics

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Posted March 22, 2018 by Josh Jackson in News

Finding out that the keyboard company, Bloody, had optical switches was great news. Finding out they have even more innovations up their sleeves was even better news. The numpad is looked at like an appendix. You might need it, but you can probably live without it. After Bloody puts it on the left side of the board though, we might find it harder to detach from.

Let’s start with the left handed keyboard from A4tech, the mother company of Bloody. It has an ergonomic design, which you can see in the angle of the letter keys. But check out that left handed numpad. It’s not only on the left side, but the enter, + and – keys are on the other side and the top row is reversed. This mirror approach is perfect for the other hand and even rightys can like this for number typing tasks that require lots of mouse work. I feel like I need one for work at the very least.

Let’s go to the next keyboard, the bloody B945, and talk about how much genius went into this design. My first instinct was to cringe at the numpad being in the same layout as it would be on the right side of the board. I wasn’t thinking with a gamer mind though. If you’re using numbers for directions, taking advantage of the extra keys around the arrow movements, what do you do with your thumb? Bloody is a company of pure genius! On a gaming level, you can bind the enter key to the usual spacebar action, or use the Bloody software (no pun intended) to set that key to space. The placement makes absolute sense and I see why they didn’t mirror it like the other board.

If the left side numpad wasn’t enough, you still have the excellent optical switches with a low 1.8mm actuation point on the gaming board. This is the kind of thinking outside of the box the computer hardware industry so desperately needs, and I’m really glad Bloody is up to the task. On a bit of a side note, Bloody is running a promotion to help interested gamers have a chance to try optical switches. The B820 can be yours for about $80 after the 20% promo code. You just need an Amazon account to use it. Follow the links below for more information!




Promotion – https://www.amazon.com/gp/mpc/A2EA90GBSNEDRD

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