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Asrock RX 580 Phantom Gaming X Graphics Card, How Does it Stack Up?

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Posted March 29, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Graphics

Asrock is officially entering the graphics card market! I want to emphasize that I’m really excited about this before going any further. Now that we got that out of the way, it’s time to do some detailed comparisons and see how they’re going to measure up. Asrock can tell us they have a graphics card for overclockers, but we need to see how the Phantom Gaming X specs line up with other vendors to get a true grasp on how strong their first RX 580 offering is really going to be. Needless to say, I am a tad skeptical.

Behold! My handy-dandy chart of important specs to compare with (Click to make it larger). We definitely need to look at those core and memory clock speeds, but it’s important to look at power delivery as well. Before we address the chart, I tried to get an official answer for how many VRMs are on the Phantom Gaming X, but based on the 3D render I saw my best guess is six. This is pretty standard for most cards, but MSI likes to show everyone up with eight. That said, Asrock does impress me with their core and memory clock speeds. The 1435 MHz is about middle of the road, but their 8320 Mbps RAM speed is top of the chart. Considering this is happening with only one 8-pin connector, I wonder if there’s some serious magic going on under the hood. The new series might have some great efficiency happening comparatively, but anyone who likes to overclock will surmise that the single 8-pin connector will quickly throttle the amount of power high clock speeds can draw.

Overall, it looks like Asrock has a strong release coming into the market. I just wouldn’t call it earth shattering yet. The cooling design looks nice, but it somewhat blends in with many of the gaming designs we’ve seen in the past. The features list might seem impressive at first, but they’re also features that many of us in the industry have seen time and again. Why is this such an exciting piece of new? Because Asrock is one of the best companies to make affordable budget components, without making them cheap either. More competition from a company who really cares about our poor wallets is the best thing to happen right now to the graphics card market. Check out the link below for more details and I’ll catch ya’ later!


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