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Abko Ncore – Strange Name, Awesome Aura Case

Posted March 20, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

Is it just me or do cases seem to get a bit boring? I love RGB as much as the next guy (maybe a bit more), but after a while I want to see some designs that do more for building than just adding more lights. I recently stumbled across Abko Ncore, and not only do they have a ton of RGB lights, but they have some really interesting design ideas on their Aura case.

How many cases do you know of that have the ability to fit twelve 120mm fans around the perimeter? The funny thing about the Aura is that it’s advertised as a mid tower case! The rear panel has room for two 120mm fans and considering how the air flow design of the case works, that’s a good option. Seeing four 120mm fans on the front is a bit excessive, but darned if it doesn’t look cool. Where I really get excited about this case though, is in the option to have three fans on the bottom PSU shroud. Direct airflow to a component is one of the best way to help it stay cool, especially when you don’t have liquid cooling. Graphics cards tend to get isolated in the corner and turbulence can allow warm air to continuously circulate around the card. With fans forcing air across the card(s) to the top back corner of the case, I can imagine it would be a huge help to gaming temperatures. The Abko Ncore Auro looks like a dream case to build in and there are plenty of features to like. The RGB LED control and radiator support are just a couple worth mentioning. I heard a rumor that the company is looking to expand its presence in the US market, and fingers are crossed that this case will end up for sale on Amazon or Newegg. Check out the link below for more information and definitely check out the rest of the site. Abko Ncore has quite a few interesting products. Catch ya’ Later!


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