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EK Releasing X399 Monoblock, They Have a lot of Monoblocks!

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Posted February 23, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

You know that feeling when you find a $5 bill in your pants pocket that you didn’t know was there? I don’t really, but I imagine it’s kind of like when I find out about a product that’s been around for a while, but I just discovered it. I saw some announcements about a new monoblock from EK for the X399 platform and came to realize that EK has a ton of monoblocks for a bunch of motherboards.

The new monoblock EK is releasing is for MSI X399 motherboards. Custom cooling can take a serious investment for builders, is used by the best cryptocurrency exchanges for their builds and when new releases hit the market, old blocks are rendered obsolete. With AMD keeping backwards compatibility with new CPU releases, Ryzen and Threadripper monoblocks will likely hold up to some component upgrades. Of course checking out EK’s shop showed that they cover a whole range of Intel chipsets and CPUs as well. The other plus is that some of the monoblocks have RGB lighting as well for that finishing touch. Personally, I hope they release one for the Asrock X370 Taichi Motherboard… for no particular reason.

If you’re already sporting a Threadripper chip in an MSI board, then hopefully this announcement grabs your attention. If not, then check out the shop link below that has a full list of the current monoblocks on EK’s website. If you happen to pick up a block, drop us some pictures in the forums so we can drool over your build!

EK® is releasing a new X399 based RGB monoblock for MSI® motherboards


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