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Corsair Should Step Up it’s Hydro Pro Cooling Game (IMO)

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Posted February 16, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

Most of the time, we’re going to cover exciting releases that give buyers something to look forward to. On the other hand, we occasionally need to call out a product that doesn’t seem to be trying hard enough. Corsair has long been known as a leading manufacturer of CLC systems, being one of the first companies to add new features and performance levels to the market. CES 2018 introduced us to new Corsair Hydro Pro series coolers, but the design seems a tad underwhelming.

The H150i Pro and H115i Pro are nearly identical. The former has a full 360mm radiator, but everything else about the design is identical to its 240mm sibling. To start with, it seems like it’s time for Corsair to bring their RGB fans to one of their CLCs. The grey color of the blades is so flat that I’d almost prefer them to be black so that they blend into a builder’s system who doesn’t want flashy parts. Corsair has plenty of units like this which also make the release feel bland. Next is the pump block design. If you love the Corsair logo, then it will work great for you. If you wanted literally anything other than another company logo shining at your face, you’re probably as underwhelmed as I am. On top of that, the light grey edge around the logo is such a poor choice of color. I can’t find words to say how I feel about this because while it isn’t a terrible color, it does so little to compliment any build scheme that I feel exhausted looking at it. Finally, the design of the hoses coming out of the side of the block bring me right back to feeling like this is a cheap, copy cat of a CLC product. What happened to the excellent look of the hoses coming out of the top of the block?

Looking at what the market has to offer, there has been some incredible CLC designs that popped up at CES 2018. Some of them took RGB to a whole new level, others brought innovation to the design of the loop, and others still found a way to massively boost the performance of the integrated pump on the block. Corsair’s amazing new feature? A Zero RPM mode for the fan profile. That’s kind of nice I guess, but most builder’s who value silence opt for a Noctua cooler to begin with. However, before I only knock on Corsair for their coolers, they did release an impressive 1600W version of their AX series PSUs. Check out the press release for more info and let’s hope that the next line of coolers lives up to the potential design we know Corsair is capable of.



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