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AMD Sends Loaner CPU to Ryzen APU Systems that Need a BIOS Flash

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Posted February 28, 2018 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards

I have to say that this is something I’ve never seen before. If you happen to buy a shiny new Ryzen 2400G or 2200G and your system won’t boot, you may need to flash the BIOS in order to support the new releases. The big problem is that your system won’t boot though. AMD could have easily passed this on to system and motherboard manufacturers as their problem, but decided to offer a different option to help users out. If you go to the link below and fill out the appropriate information, support will send you a short term processor loan “Boot Kit” that will allow you to flash the BIOS on your system. AMD even includes a shipping label so that you don’t have to pay return shipping for the loaner CPU.

While the circumstances of having a system fail to boot are not ideal, being able to get a temporary CPU that will let you flash the BIOS is a pretty solid option. Some companies have great support and you might find it easier to go through their systems, but if you’re like me then you know that some support systems are best not having to make a call to. AMD has been doing a great job lately on their CPU side and it doesn’t seem like they’re ready to slow down anytime soon.


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