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Archive for February 23rd, 2018

AMD Taking the “Zen” Approach to Radeon with New Graphics Architecture, 2020-2021

Ryzen is one of the biggest, and most exciting releases in a long time. We not only got a huge performance leap from FX, but AMD opened the access to more cores and threads for everyone. This came about by a drastic decision to completely abandon the old and start over from the ground up. The GPU side of AMD has struggled as of late, but it seems like Radeon is about to follow in Zen’s footsteps. GCN was introduced in 2011. AMD had some strong offerings based on the architecture, but Vega is starting a trend that sees Radeon struggle to keep up with the competition. Unless Navi does a miracle of performance increase, it’s unlikely to close the performance deficits Nvidia keeps creating in gaming. It was sounding like it might be time for a complete rework and rumor has it that Radeon’s new leadership is going to helm the way. There’s no word on what the name will be, but sometime around 2020, a brand new macro architecture is expected to succeed GCN. The performance jump is supposedly going to be reminiscent of the jump from TeraScale to GCN. While only time will tell how successful this new architecture will be, I’m excited to hear that Radeon is starting from scratch in a similar manner to Zen. It gives me hope that in a couple years, AMD can make up for lost time and bring back the serious competition on all levels. Of course Vega was a similar hope, so take this with a grain of salt as well. Check out the link from WCCF for more info and c...

600K Read/Write IOPS!?! Viper m.2 SSD Shows off Impressive Specs

I think Patriot is trying to exhaust the bandwidth of NVMe. We’ve seen several M.2 drives release in recent years and performance is constantly improving. While no one will argue that NVMe drives are nice step up from SATA SSDs, the trend of having at least one low spec in the various read/write performance numbers was continuing to be evident. Now all of that is about to change because it looks like Viper’s next M.2 release is going to have crazy awesome storage speeds. Manufacturers tout four performance numbers when they’re proud of their storage speeds. There’s the typical sequential read/write speeds, but the ones who really believe they have a great drive also advertise their random read/write speeds. Typically, either the sequential write or random write speed will pale in comparison to the other specs. Viper decided that weakness would not be tolerated in any aspect of the drive. Granted much of the performance will have to do with Phison’s new PS5012-E12 controller, but both the sequential read and write speeds are at or above the 3000 MB/s mark. That’s not the real interesting spec though. Random read/write speeds are typically more important to Windows users and Viper has blistering 600K IOPS speeds for both specs! Not only does that round the entire drive out nicely, 600K is really freakin’ fast!!! As always, we have to mention one big caveat before we talk about how fast Viper’s new drive is going to be. There ne...

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