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Archive for February 23rd, 2018

Looking for the Right Closed Loop Cooler for your NZXT Kraken G12 Bracket?

Ideally, a consumer is buying the NZXT Kraken G12 Bracket to take advantage of a CLC that’s not needed anymore after a CPU cooling upgrade. However, buying a G12 bracket with an affordable CLC is not bad idea when it comes to an effective cooling upgrade for your GPU. It will cost you a decent amount, but when you realize that several GPU blocks alone cost over $100, it’s not a bad option at all for some increased cooling. There’s lots of options that will work with the NZXT Kraken G12, but I personally think one CLC stands above the rest for an affordable GPU cooling solution. Disclaimer: the Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 120 is not officially supported on NZXT’s site, but I’ll update this if/when I hear otherwise. The Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 120 is my favorite option for several reasons. For starters, the 120mm rad is a great size for compatibility in the biggest range of cases. The 140mm coolers would give you a bit more oomph, but some cases don’t support 140mm fans in the front. What makes the Liquid Freezer line such a good choice though is the extra thick radiator, plus two included fans. The extra surface area combined with the extra airflow is a deadly combination for giving your GPU some additional overclocking headroom. The biggest advantage though? An attractive $68 price tag on Newegg. There’s some CLCs that are a bit cheaper, but I don’t think the few dollars you save would be worth the performance hit. Ot...

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