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Archive for February 23rd, 2018

Swiftech has a New Apogee AND a New Site

Certain products have to make massive changes to make it in the news list here, but custom cooling parts are sort of a requirement to cover. It’s a self-imposed rule, but cooling is kind of a big deal to most of us. Custom cooling is best, but sometimes we have to live vicariously through news posts until our 3 tax exemptions kick into high gear next year. Swiftech just announced their Apogee SKF water block and they also overhauled their site. The blocks are pretty straightforward. While the design elements are fairly similar, you can see some minor aesthetic variations from the SKF Standard ans SKF Prestige. Either way, both blocks look like a great fit for the build and with RGB lighting control, you can match your build scheme pretty easily. The big news seems to be a new 125 micron thick fins on the block, which should have an impact on cooling performance. The other thing worth pointing out is the fact that Swiftech overhauled their site. Do I dare say that it now looks…modern!?! I jest a little, but I can say it’s very refreshing to see the updated look when you first visit the page. Even if the news is more evolutionary in nature, it’s still some nice things going on from a great cooling company. When I cover the CLC market, it takes a lot to get my attention with how many carbon copies there are. The custom scene is a lot more narrow in it’s selection and when performance is already top of the line, even small improvements are pretty ...

Patriot Viper LED DDR4 3000 MHz Memory Review

Introduction We are in the future and DDR4 is standardized, largely in part to AMD getting caught up to it with X370. More importantly, LED RAM is widely available with RGB options a plenty. Naturally, someone might wonder what will this RAM kit from Patriot Viper to stick out? Let’s find out! Also, in case you don’t know who Patriot/Viper is: Patriot started in 1985 in the San Francisco Bay Area. We dedicate ourselves to being the brand of choice for the tech industry with a high commitment to quality and outstanding customer service. Patriot Memory designs, manufactures and markets high performance memory modules, flash memory, mobile accessories and gaming equipment.  

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