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Archive for February 23rd, 2018

AMD Ryzen 2: What to Expect, What to Hope for, and What to Dismiss

New iterations of AMD’s Ryzen architecture are on the horizon and as always, rumors will be circulating heavily until the day of the release. A big one (I’m glad I happened to miss) was that a magical 12 core, 5.1 GHz chip was slated to release at $329. Even if you wanted to believe in a 12 core 5.1 GHz Ryzen 7, the $329 price is a clear indication of a fake leak based on the performance lead a chip like that would have. We may not have clear specs or performance, but I think there’s some pretty safe predictions that can be made based on previous experience. Ryzen 2 vs. Zen+ The first thing we need to address is determining what the naming schemes are referring to. A lot of sites are calling it Ryzen 2, but I can’t verify that AMD has an official slide using that nomenclature. Also, Ryzen 3 is already taken so…. The official term for the refresh is “Zen+”, which means AMD may opt for a term like Ryzen+ to describe the refresh in April. Zen 2 is slated to release in 2019 and that will be a legitimate, 2nd generation design on the 7nm manufacturing process. For our purposes here, I’ll maintain the Zen+ title for the upcoming release and Zen 2 for the 2019 one. Specs We can expect the Zen+ specs to be almost identical to the original Zen counterparts. Core counts, Cache Sizes, and even socket compatibly will all be the same. There really isn’t any hope for additional cores or cache, which means you can probably dismiss any...

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