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Too Many Chipsets? The Differences Between Motherboards

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Posted January 4, 2018 by Josh Jackson in CPU & Motherboards

Have you ever tried to figure out the minuscule differences in motherboard chipsets and had a really hard time finding the information you wanted? I believed that when I started this endeavor, I’d be pulling a few articles up, grabbing the info I wanted, and putting it together in my own chart, easy-peasy. Turned out that several hours later, I was still only about 85% certain I had gathered all the correct information.

Still, I’ve put all my efforts into a video to share with you below. Not only do we take a look at the various features built in to AMD and Intel chipsets, but we also determine if there’s a good reason to have as many releases as there are. Check out the video below to see charts and explanations of all the info I found. Also, if you just want to see the charts, you can go directly to these timestamps to see some direct comparisons.

~2:05 for category explanations, ~3:03 for AMD chipsets, ~6:25 for Intel Professional chipsets, ~7:45 for Intel Enthusiast chipsets, ~10:00 for full comparison

For a quick view of the main chipset differences, here’s the chart below. Click on the image to see the larger size.

Also, if you want to check out the article on WCCF that explains a Z170 board modified to work with a Coffee Lake CPU, check out the link below.


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