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This is How you Up the Ante! Deepcool Introduces Ark 90 Full Tower PC Case

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Posted January 25, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

The world of custom PCs is getting rather intriguing. Not too long ago, certain companies dictated what the new releases were going to be and innovation was a bit of a slow process. Today, there are dozens of companies trying to jump into the gaming PC market, but the problem with a lot of it is that so many of them are turning into carbon copies of the bigger companies. If you’re going to release a new product, make it worth while and if you need a good example, look at Deepcool. They just announced the release of the Ark 90 Full Tower case and this is how you shake up the market with a new design.

For starters, I’m loving this aesthetic! It’s a perfect balance of clean, sharp angles with a splash of RGB color. It’s bound to have a broad appeal to all kinds of builders across gaming and professional spectrum. The Ark 90 also builds on the tradition of including a pre-installed CLC cooler that the Genome series started. In this case, we have a 280mm radiator attached to the Captain style pump block. If you’re looking for a perfect balance of fan noise and cooling, 280mm seems to be great for just CPU overclocking. Not only are the fans on the cooler RGB, but Deepcool has included an extra two fans to help with the cooling. These are features that really stand out to me, but I’m not saying it’s the perfect case either. I still have issues with the lack of a hinge/latch system with the glass panel and even though there’s several fans, airflow might be a problem with the way the front/top panels are designed.

Overall, the Ark 90 is the kind of case I can get excited about and even though the Quadstellar can grab more attention, I see this one as being a more practical solution for the long term builder. It adds several new features that little to no one else is doing, yet keeps enough of a standard that you can feel comfortable with having a broad range of compatibility with components. With availability slated for February, the MSRP on this is $299.99 and while that can seem a bit high, there is a lot of extras included as well. Check out the gallery for a closer look and follow the link below for more information!



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