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Sharkoon – Strange Name, a Bit Budgety, Nice PC Case Idea

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Posted January 26, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

If a tornado hits a Sharkoon warehouse, would the result be a Sharkoon-ado? I digress! Sharkoon isn’t exactly the company you look too when you want a super professional, brushed aluminum finish chassis. Wait, they do have some of those… Hmmm……. Needless to say, they’re an interesting company that isn’t easy to judge by the cover. What is easy to judge is that their Skiller SGC1 Window Chassis (oh my gosh these names!) is doing a small thing that’s really great for the PC market.

At first glance, you have a typically underwhelming budget PC case. I like the outer aesthetic since I’m a sucker for rugged angles and a bit of a gaming flair, but other design choices are easy to nitpick. For starters, the side window is acrylic instead of glass, the PCIe slot covers look to be spot welded instead of screwed in, and I’m almost positive those fans are going to have gaudy molex connectors on them. After that though, we get into surprisingly good features here. For starters, look at how much room is in the top of the case for a rad install! They planned around users installing CLC units ABOVE the motherboard heatsinks and RAM which is something budget cases rarely do. The real big feature though is the painted inside of the chassis. There’s options for blue, green and red painted interiors on the (*cringe) Skiller SGC1 Window. This is something we should definitely see more often on the market.

Poorly attempted shark puns aside, I really appreciate what Sharkoon is offering here. I’m not saying they’ll be my next PC case or anything, but if you’re in a budget and want something that stands out from the overabundance of black, then you may have stumbled on something worth looking into here. Now the only thing we need to worry about is the choice of using the name Skiller. Isn’t that a misrepresentation, along the lines of Shark Week, that causes unwarranted fear about the true nature of sharks?


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