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Samsung Announces HBM2 Aquabolt, Getting Closer to Really Mainstream

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Posted January 11, 2018 by Josh Jackson in News

How did I miss that Samsung is producing HBM? Maybe I didn’t miss it, but I just forgot by the time I saw this announcement. Samsung has improved the performance of HBM2 by a pretty large margin and they’re continuing to ramp up production in order to provide supply to manufacturers abroad. We get it! HBM2 is really fast and since you can get the technical details from the link below, I want to explain what I hope to see in the near future with better/cheaper HBM2.

The biggest gaping hole in the market that I see is the lack of HBM in RAM sticks. I’m sure this will mean new motherboards, chipsets, the whole nine yards, yet I can only imagine what this development could mean. Not only would we have aggressively impressive memory performance, but I would be willing to bet that RAM slots would get trimmed down to the size of a SODIMM slot on a regular ATX sized motherboard. While mainstream and gaming boards wouldn’t require an excess of 4 slots, imagine a platform like Threadripper being able to squeeze 16 slots into one board! Even then, we may see a day when CPUs have HBM2 built into the die and RAM slots could be completely obsolete, though I feel like having a small slot is better for upgrade or replacement purposes. We’ve already seen the power and size efficiency of HBM on graphics cards, but wouldn’t it be great if every card came equipped with the technology, rather than only high end GPUs?

Samsung is definitely helping make HBM2 a bigger part of the computer world and I hope their production gets stronger/cheaper with each passing week. HBM may have had a slow start, but time is helping the technology mature into something that looks to be far superior to DDR_ technologies. As always, time will tell, but at the very least we have a good chance of seeing HBM variants in mid and low range graphics cards fairly soon.


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