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Raijintek! Stop Being Awesome!!! Orcus 240 is the CLC Done Right

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Posted January 31, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cooling

I love my fledgling custom loop on my main build, but there’s absolutely no arguing that the CLC is a much easier approach to maintaining CPU temperatures. Sure, my loop has intentions of adding GPUs at some point, but not only is that costly, it also requires blocks that fit a specific type of graphics card. CLCs will always add a simplistic method for putting a CPU under liquid and Raijintek might have the best design with their Orcus 240.

Companies like Asetek and Coolit certainly revolutionized the industry by designing the pump to sit on top of the block. This led to some major problems though. For starters, there’s been plenty of copyright cases that have come out of it in the years past. Other manufacturers tried to come up with their own designs, but a pump on the block is a pump on the block. Regardless of how fair it seems, original designers are bound to say something about a perceived copy. The other issue that’s far more practical is that you end up with a big, bulky square you have to work with when trying to install the unit on the CPU. Most companies have streamlined this process, but you still end up with the vast majority of units having power cables coming right out of the block.

Raijintek makes a perfect design choice by putting a pump on the hose. Think about it. If it’s on the block, it has to be small enough to fit between RAM slots and motherboard heat sinks. If you design it into the radiator, you can find a central dead spot if you place it at the center of a fan, but you still eat up some of the real estate meant for heat transfer. The hose is out of the way, has a straight path for flow and largely keeps the pump and wires out of sight from most of the main build. That leaves the block wide open for new ideas and Raijintek certainly capitalized. They put a propeller over the block to act as a flow meter and lit it up with some RGB awesomeness!

The Orcus 240 may have the best design for pump placement, but I wouldn’t call it perfect yet. The pump is only sporting a 66 L/H flow rate which is a bit anemic, even for CLCs. If they could bump that power to 150-200 L/H, that would be ideal. Also, I’d like to see a 280mm version of the unit, my self-proclaimed sweet spot for CLCs. Check out the link below for more details!


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