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Phanteks Announces Revolt X and Revolt Pro, Dual System or Dual PSU

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Posted January 12, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

The hardware industry revolves around upgrading systems through replacement. Out with old and in with the new works for some, but many of us have budgets that limit what we can replace. Modular upgrades is the ticket and Phanteks has a great option coming that will do just that in the PSU world.

The Revolt Pro allows you to add a PSU to an existing one, but first let’s look at the Revolt X. I’ll admit, I can’t think of a ton of situations where having one PSU to individually power two systems would be useful. It could save money to have one strong unit, but simultaneously hooking up two systems to one PSU is more suited to reviewers. The Revolt Pro definitely peaks my interest, but I think it needs a bit of a tweak. It’s great to be able to combine two units to work for one system. Not only can it save a reasonable amount of wear with load balancing, but it leaves a buyer open to easily upgrade their power down the road when it’s needed. Right now it has an 850w and 1000w option, but the wattage seems a bit high, even for many enthusiasts. A 500w and 650w would be great options for first builds, giving the buyer a chance to upgrade to a wattage that’s not quite as over the top.

Everything being said, the 850W Revolt pro is marked at $130. If you told me I could have a 1700W PSU for $260, I’d definitely be interested. Seriously! You can go to Newegg and check the 1500W+ PSUs to see that this ends up being a fantastic deal. On top of that, you can do it in two easy payments and only when your system gets to the point it needs an upgrade. I’ll stop with the infomercial, but you can see the rest of the details below.


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