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Oh Boy! Enermax Showed me More Shinies

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Posted January 16, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU

Enermax sent an email summing up everything they want us to pay attention to after CES. I already covered a lot of what’s here in our last post, but now we have better release windows and prices. For instance, the Saberay will be available this month and the price looks pretty nice at $160. A couple of more items that perked my interest was the inclusion of SleeMax cables to more lines of PSUs, which I think is an awesome thing, and confirmation that the LiqTech II does have the 450 L/h pump I mentioned earlier. Sure, this might be a lot of posting on Enermax, but I’m a big fan of their PSUs and coolers so post I shall!

Right now, I think the Saberay is the perfect, all around case for various reasons. For starters, the easy access Tempered Glass panels are perfect for builders who get inside their cases a lot. Normally, I’d prefer full tower, but the Saberay looks to be so roomy that I don’t think it will make a difference that it’s technically a mid-tower. There’s tons of water cooling support, rather than needless amounts of HDD bays. Seriously! How many builders are putting 8 drive RAIDs in their personal gaming builds? Finally, I don’t believe there’s a more elegant looking case with amazing RGB lighting than the Saberay. I really love this case!

There’s a couple of fans releasing as well. The T.B. silence has an interesting feature in that it will spin as low as 300 RPMs. It would be nice to see it in action, but silent fans are a bit more common in general. The T.B. RGB is the fan that will catch anyone’s eye. Standing out in the RGB world can be pretty hard, but the four light ring design on these guys was a perfect way to do it and I definitely like the choice Enermax made here. In my previous post, I praised the LiqFusion for probably being the best RGB CPU cooler in the market, but I merely speculated about the LiqTech II and it’s pump performance. Now I have confirmation and this could well be the best solution for a builder looking to only overclock their CPU. The great flowrate combined with the amazing build quality I’ve seen from Enermax in the past will likely make this a top tier CLC unit in comparison to others. The pre-assembled custom AIOs I’ve seen from other companies are great for the quality, but certain parts like the pump and radiator are cut back from the full custom counterparts. The LiqTech II will probably be the perfect match for users wanting great CPU cooling only, while maintaining the simplicity of the CLC installation.

I left a gallery below of some of the images included, as well as a brief overview of the various 2018 releases from Enermax. Check out the extra info below, as well as the link to Enermax’s site. There’s one more release that makes me extremely happy! When I reviewed the MaxTytan I mentioned that I hope to see SleeMax on more of their PSUs. Lo and behold, the Revolution D.F. is going to include the fully modular, custom cables with a gold rated unit! I’m dying that I wasn’t able to see all of this in person at CES, but I’m still just as excited about reporting these releases here, anyways.

MaxTytan 1250W (Mining Version) Mass Production: June, 2018

With the introduction of the MaxTytan Series in 2017, ENERMAX will launch mining version of MaxTytan PSU for hardcore mining gear. The full modular, 80PLUS® TITANIUM-rated 1250W power supply is equipped with Wattage Meter for users to monitor real-time power consumption. Moreover, this mining version PSU features a unique Turbo Switch, a boost button maximizing the PSU fan speed (up to 3100 RPM) to effectively dissipate the heat generated by the hardcore ICO mining machines.

Revolution D.F. <2018 NEW> Mass Production: TBA

850W / 750W / 650W / 550W The 80PLUS® GOLD certified series is built with patented Dust Free Rotation (DFR) technology for self-cleaning; an innovative D.F. switch design is engineered for users to activate the self-cleaning function anytime during operation. Furthermore, Revolution D.F. features Twister Bearing Fan with fanless mode (aka zero RPM mode) before 30~40% of system load to deliver durable and silent cooling performance.

T.B. Silence ADV. Available at retail (USA): March 2018

T.B.SILENCE ADV – an ultra silent fan, inherits the outstanding silent performance of ENERMAX legendary T.B.SILENCE series. With the patented Twister Bearing and advanced electronic technologies, T.B.SILENCE ADV optimizes the start speed to as low as 300 RPM to deliver unparalleled silent performance. Moreover, the exclusive Enerflo™ channel blade design reduces the turbulence and increases the rotational stability.

T.B. RGB Available at retail (USA): January 2018

T.B.RGB is designed for RGB enthusiasts to glitter your systems. Thanks to ENERMAX LED LIGHTING technology, T.B.RGB shows consistent and uniform luminance. Moreover, unique halo arc-shaped frame design delivers gorgeous and vivid lighting effect. With the patented Twister Bearing technology, the T.B.RGB fan can offer superior silent performance while providing incredible lighting effects.

LIQTECH II 240/280/360 <2018 NEW> Available at retail (USA): TBA

LIQTECH II is the new flagship all-in-one liquid cooler from ENERMAX. The high-performance cooler series incorporates the powerful ENERMAX EF1 pump, delivering incredible high flow rate up to 450 L/h. Furthermore, LIQTECH II adopts the Shunt-Channel-Technology (SCT) to boost thermal conductivity and eliminate heat surge; the proven cooling technology has been applied to several award-winning & bestselling products, including LIQMAX II (2015 European Hardware Award winner) and LIQTECH TR4 (the hot selling AIO cooler tailor-made for AMD’s top-end Threadripper CPU). The water block features eyes-catching RGB lighting; especially, the lighting can be controlled by RGB-sync-ready motherboard. LIQTECH II will be available in 3 sizes: LIQTECH II 240, 280, and 360.

LIQFUSION 240 <2018 NEW> Available at retail (USA): TBA

LIQFUSION 240 is an all-in-one liquid cooler which supports RGB lighting synchronization via motherboards featuring the newest addressable RGB header(s). Featuring patented flow indicator design, LIQFUSION allows users to monitor cooling loop operation. Besides, LIQFUSION 240 is built with a high-efficiency ceramic pump, which ensures exceptional durability and noiseless operation. Last but no least, the series includes user-friendly RGB control box that gives users a great flexibility in adjacent the lighting effects of RGB fans and waterblock.

SABERAY Available at retail (USA): 2018 January

ENERMAX is introducing a new RGB gaming chassis, SABERAY, in 2018. With amazing RGB lighting strips featuring ENERMAX Lighting technology, SABERAY, the latest flagship ATX case, is visually appealing. SABERAY is able to sync with RGB-ready motherboards. In addition, the built-in lighting control on top provides easy access to select your favorite lighting effects. Furthermore, this mid-tower RGB gaming castle can support 360 / 280 / 240mm radiators, giving users greater flexibility in liquid cooling configuration.

The PSU-Tunnel (aka PSU Shroud) design makes the build neat and clean; the massive panoramic tempered glass panel enables users to show off their precious rigs. The quick release top and front panels facilitate fan/liquid cooler installation and maintenance.


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