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NZXT Announces it’s First Motherboard! The N7 Z370

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Posted January 9, 2018 by Josh Jackson in News

NZXT just announced something amazing!!! By now, I’m used to seeing manufactures tepidly stay within their realm of expertise and if they dip their toes in new waters, it’s usually fairly shallow ones. NZXT took a head first dive in the middle of the Pacific ocean like a honey badger! Seeing a case manufacturer release a motherboard from https://kaizentechnology.co.uk/ is a HUGE step, but there’s more to the N7 Z370 than just being a motherboard.

Fan and RGB lighting controllers are starting to add a lot of connections to our motherboard headers, as well as our PSU power connections. The logical step is to build those controllers into the motherboard, but we’ve seen that the level of control is lacking when comparing to things like the Hue+ or Grid V3. That’s what makes this release such a huge deal for PC builders. NZXT built their epic fan and RGB control right into a high end Intel motherboard, which will instantly clear tons of cable clutter. However, I don’t want to see aesthetic features without having some raw performance. The N7 Z370 also has a 15 phase digital VRM which is very hefty for a first time release. Am I excited about it? Why yes, yes I am!

NZXT also mentions having an adaptive noise reduction system that automatically adjusts your fan speed to the way your system is used in an attempt to perfectly adjust noise and performance ratio. I’d certainly be curious about how well this implementation works out. This is a great release from NZXT and I’m extremely happy they took this huge of a step, but I do have one problem with it. Can you guys give us a Ryzen based board as well? Check out the rest of the details and galleries below for the rest of the info.

By the way, I’m having a little thought here. What if the next step for internal controllers was connection through Bluetooth? I never know what to do with that feature on motherboards, but I’d gladly ditch some cables to connect a CPU cooler wirelessly!



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