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Nvidia’s CES 2018 isn’t Super Exciting, but still Relevant

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Posted January 11, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Displays

For the most part, the only real news we want to hear from Nvidia is what’s coming down the pipes for graphics card releases. This makes sense because we’re a hardware site, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t other important announcements to keep an eye out for. Many of us get into PC hardware because of gaming and Nvidia just made two very important steps in the gaming arena.

For starters, we have the announcement of the BFGDs, or Big Format Game Displays. Sure, a 65″ display would be fun to play on, but most of us live in the real world and even if we could afford such a monstrosity, would still have no where we could put it. No, what’s really important is the specs behind these displays. We’re talking full 4k support AND 120 Hz refresh rate. While it will take hefty hardware to support this, the ability for more than 60 Hz on a 4k display is a great step in the right direction. In light of this, Nvidia also announced the free beta for the Geforce Now app. Does your computer suck? Geforce now let’s you play games remotely using Nvidia’s top notch hardware, while streaming it back to your display at a much higher quality than what the computer could normally handle.

These announcements could really change PC gaming for the masses. A consumer could invest in a high-end 4k display, hook it up to even a laptop that has just enough power to support it, and enjoy high quality gaming without spending thousands of dollars on multi-GPU 1080 Ti configurations. This is also a great way to open up PC gaming in a way that’s similar to console gaming in the living room. Time will tell how well this takes off, but in the meantime check out the full Nvidia press releases below.



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